The products of the Dr Vet Group company are a result of long-term professional, experimental breeding and exhibition work, and based on this, some specificities and features. A large part of the development has been carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, primarily with the Department for Nutrition and Botanics. We had some suggestions for this young, ambitious team which proved to be constructive, as they created excellent products with the help of their knowledge and experience acquired in extensive practice. The choice of product ingredients shows that a large number of metabolic processes in the organism have been included. The level of ingredients which are included in the products are based on the newest research and the recommendations of the leading research centers, which is a prerequisite for achieving the desired results quickly. The development was carried out in regular steps, namely: an analysis of the contents as well as norming of the ingredient values, the control and analysis of products, the use of the products on dogs and cats in their own kennels as well as in the kennels of the owners of selected cat and dog breeds. Namely, the samples themselves have been applied on a large number of cats and dogs, on various breeds, both genders as well as age categories, depending on the length and quality of hair and fur, as well as in dogs and cats with pathological changes on the skin and hair as well as bone deformities. Depending on the pet’s health status, the owners reported back during different periods with positive comments.


The products are food supplements and the basic source of the pet diets. The breeders use various kinds of food (wet, mixed, dry), often preparing the food themselves, and based on this, there is frequently a need for these products. Stressful situations, changes of environment, and hard work are just some of the external factors which demonstrate that these kinds of products are necessary.


Postoperative traumas as well as recovery periods are situations in which these products can speed up and improve recovery.


Kalcivet – this is a product whose name is associated with products which primarily contain raw materials based on calcium, and it is a very useful and complex product. Its principal use is to enable the growth and development of the skeletal system of young cats and dogs with an optimal correlation between calcium and phosphorus, and at the same time to prevent bitches and cats who are nursing to empty out of the deposits of these minerals. Cats and dogs with bone breakages received this preparation in a certain period, and it was noticed that they managed to overcome the mentioned problem in a relatively short period. Namely, the process of bone healing is speeded up with this preparation, as animals consume it more quickly and in this way it impacts recovery. Also, we can notice the presence of lysine and metonine in the preparation, as well as amino acids which are directly included in the metabolism of growth and muscle work, creating carnitine. Amino acids enable, along with bone healing, their growth and development, as well as affecting the growth and development of muscles. The very presence of vitamins (a total of 13) is an indicator that this preparation improves other metabolic functions as well (the metabolism of sugar and fats), and not just the function of the skeletal system. Namely, pets which due to a postoperative or posttraumatic condition have a reduced consumption of food also ingest less of the mentioned vitamins. The help which cats and dogs get with this preparation is not negligible. The minerals included in Kalcivet (a total of 8) are most often catalysts and activators of the mentioned processes, and their presence is very important. Namely, Mg and Mn are directly included in the process of mineralization and the development of the skeletal system. Other minerals are included in the metabolism of fats and sugars, as well as helping to convert amino acids. All this demonstrates from the professional aspect that this is a complex product, focusing primarily on the key effect of the preparation, as well as the accompanying positive effects. Considering that metabolic processes are very interconnected in the organism and closely linked, much analytical work, as well as many studies and trials have been used to develop this kind of product.


Multivet is without doubt classified as a product necessary for the nutrition of pets, for all ages and categories of cats and dogs. By content, this is a collection of 12 vitamins, 8 minerals, taurine and omega 3 acids. Very often the food we give our pets does not meet their daily needs for the mentioned minerals and vitamins and so it is necessary to include this kind of product in the diet. Dogs which are very active as well as hunting dogs, along with their regular food, also need this preparation. High doses of vitamins and minerals are the way the food producers regulate the supplies of these matters in the organism. Precise analyses have shown that there are daily preventive as well as therapeutical doses for cats and dogs. Taurine as a supplement of shows us that the health of cats is also taken care of. Namely, taurine is an essential amino acid and it is in a series of metabolic processes in cats. But, considering that cats cannot synthesize it, it is necessary to ingest it through food. This preparation can without doubt be a great support to cat owners who prepare cat food by themselves or use the food of other producers. A lack of this amino acid has a very negative impact on the reproductive system in cats, the work of the heart muscle, and speeds up aging. These problems did not exist when this preparation was used by adult cats which received food made at home, and based on this, this supplement has remained an indispensable ingredient of Multiveta. Omega 3 acids are without doubt a major ingredient in the food of all mammals, not just cats and dogs. The prerequisite for using this preparation is the series of metabolic functions in the organism which include these acids. A reduction of blood pressure, a decreasing of inflammatory processes, and creating tissue hormones are just some of the functions of these acids.


Dermavet is a specialized product which affects the health of the skin and hair. Problems with the hair and skin which appear are often of an allergenic nature, a result of a deficiency of certain ingredients in the food as well as the influence of the climate and changes. Show dogs during exhibition periods are also submitted to special treatment in regards to appearance and well as hair health. Omega 3 acids are included in order to reduce the inflammatory reactions of the skin which irritate cats and dogs (such pets hurt themselves by scratching, which results in dermatitis).


Biotin (Vitamin H) is included in a therapy dosage in order to help maintain the quality and shine of pet hair and fur. This vitamin participates in the metabolism of fats and sugars, but it is very inconsistent in its nature. Many agents have an impact on its dissolving so it is very hard to store and secure it daily. This preparation enables a continuous supply of biotin for the organism, and thus its use is also recommended for dogs which are fed with food made by other producers, as well as food made at home.


B complex Vitamins primarily have the role in securing the shine of the hair, as well as its texture. High doses of zinc (inorganic and chelated) above all improve the process of keratinization, as well as maintaining the health of the skin. This product was given to dogs of different breeds and hair length and for a relatively short period it gave positive effects. Namely, the itching and inflammation ceased in a relatively short period while the re-growth and development of the coat occurred very quickly. The dog breeds which were prone to allergies had a positive reaction to this preparation quickly, which was our primary aim in the production and development of Dermavet.


Expertise, as well as responsibility for cats and dogs have resulted in this product being displayed in shops. From the professional aspect, we can say that a large issue was tackled but also that the response was very professional. It is without doubt that in the future there will be work done on the development of new products, and thus the enthusiasm and will of this young team should be supported.




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