The products of the company Dr. Vet Group are the result of many years of professional, experimental, breeding and exhibition work, and based on that, they are characterized by some specifics.

The suggestions we gave to this ambitious team proved to be good, because with their knowledge and observations gained in many years of practice, they made excellent products. A good part of the product development was done in cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Department of Nutrition and Botany and our fellow professors. Also, they received expert advice and the necessary laboratory analyzes were performed for some products at the Scientific Veterinary Institute “Novi Sad”. In addition, they have constant contact and cooperation with fellow veterinarians from clinical practice, owing to which feedback is received from veterinary clinics, which is a highly important segment of further product development.

The selection of ingredients in the products proves that large number of metabolic processes in the body is supported. The level of ingredients included in the products are, based on the latest research, the recommendations of leading research centers, which is a prerequisite for their use to enable achieving of the desired results very quickly. 

The development itself took place in regular steps: composition analysis and standardization of ingredient values, experimental production, control and analysis of products, application of products on dogs and cats in their own breeding, as well as in kennels of owners of selected breeds of dogs and cats. Namely, the samples themselves were monitored on a large number of dogs and cats of different breeds, genders and age categories, hair length and quality, in dogs and cats with pathological changes on the skin, hair, as well as with bone deformities. Depending on the health status of the animals, the owners came forward at different times with their observations and positive comments.

Stressful situations, changes in the environment and hard work, are just some of the external factors indicating that use of such products is necessary.

Postoperative traumas as well as the recovery period are situations in which such products can accelerate and improve recovery. 

High expertise, as well as responsibility towards dogs and cats have led to such products being on the shelves. From the aspect of the profession, it can be freely said that a very broad topic was covered, but also that it was addressed highly professionally. We will certainly work on the development of new products in the future and that is why the enthusiasm and will of this team should be supported.