Analytical values: calcium 18%, phosphorous 6%, sodium 0,04%

Composition: powder cellulose, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, brewer’s yeast, magnesium oxide.

Additives (per kg):


Vitamins: Vitamin A 3a672a 700.000 IU, Vitamin D3 3a671 40.000 IU, Vitamin E/all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 3a700 3.000 mg, Vitamin C 3a300 2.000 mg, Niacin 3a314 1.000mg, Vitamin B2 3a825i 600 mg, Calcium d-pantothenate 3a841 500 mg, Vitamin B1 3a820 300 mg, Vitamin B6/pyridoxin hydrochloride 3a831 200 mg, Vitamin K3 3a710 150 mg, Folic acid 3a316 100 mg, Biotin 3a880 10 mg, Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin) 0,8 mg

Trace elements*: zinc sulphate monohydrate 3b605 2.000 mg, manganous sulphate monohydrate 3b503 1.500 mg, copper II chelate of glycine hydrate 3b413 100 mg, calcium iodate anhydrous 3b202 35 mg, Selenised yeast inactivated 3b810 5 mg.
* quantity of active substance

Aminoacids: DL-Methionine, technically pure 3c301 4.000 mg, L-Lysine Monohydrochloride, technically pure  3.2.3.  4.000 mg.


Instruction for use: give cats and dogs 1 tablet up to 10 kg body weight per day.
Maximum daily quantities: cats and dogs 2 tablets up to 10 kg body weight per day.


  • It is used in puppies and kittens from 3 to 12 months of age. It contains everything you need for the most sensitive period of life for each dog and cat (optimal Ca to P ratio, vitamin and mineral complex, amino acids) to support the construction of the bones and muscles, for proper and strong tooth.
  •  Kalcivet is recommended in the second half of pregnancy when the fetus begins to grow intensively and while bitches and cats are breastfeeding their cubs. With its composition, Kalcivet helps build the skeletal system of fetuses and infants, supports bitches and cats during the lactation period, and helps the females regain their fitness quickly after the breastfeeding period. The recommendation is a regular, daily dose of 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of body weight. In lactating bitches and cats the number of tablets may be increased relative to the number of puppies.


  • 100 tablets
  • 500 tablets


Kalcivet is a product supposed to feed puppies and kittens, pregnant and breastfeeding bitches, and older dogs and cats in the same age categories. Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D are important for a normal growth and development of the skeletal system of dogs and cats. An optimal ratio of 3:1 of calcium and phosphorus has been proven in practice to be appropriate for different categories of dogs and cats. Personal experience in raising young dogs and cats, as well as professional recommendations, were some of the guidelines for developing this product. Regular food often causes a lack of adequate amounts of the ingredients mentioned above, and thus , the skeletal system has difficulties in developing optimally. The use of Kalcivet in the first 12 months of growth and development of puppies and kittens prevents bones from bending and being deformed. Excessive doses of calcium in the daily rations of dogs and cats is a big problem, as this reduces the reabsorbing of many very important minerals (Mg, Zn, etc.) and slows down some metabolic processes in the body.

In addition to calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, Kalcivet also contains other essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Minerals are of an organic (chelated) origin. This is the easiest form for the organism. In this way, the negative effect of calcium on the absorption of minerals is reduced and, thus , we get a multiple effect. The amount of ingredients shows us that this is a very high-quality and carefully analyzed product, which does not only effect the skeletal system, but also the development of the entire organism.


The need for minerals and vitamins by pregnant bitches and cats increases daily with the growth and development of the foetus. Using Kalcivet during pregnancy supports bitches and cats, concerning their health and growth of puppies and kittens after birth.

Bitches and cats lose large amounts of minerals and vitamins through their milk, so it is important to add supplements to the food,  which will compensate any possible losses. The mineral forms quickly form a deposit in the body, as well as a rapid improvement of the health of bitches and cats after the breastfeeding period. Given that the milk of these animals is the only source of nutrients for the puppies and kittens, the use of this product is considered to be justified as it supports their development.

The doses of the product are both , recommended daily and therapeutic. Kalcivet is a product that is used to support the therapy for bone fractures, bone deformities as well as to improve the health of bitches and cats after the breastfeeding period.

The purpose when developing this product was to meet the needs of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, as well as to support the development and preservation of the skeletal system of dogs and cats. Adding other vitamins and minerals has an effect on the entire body and offers a complex product to the market.

The experience we have gained as top breeders, veterinarians and nutritionists who specialize in animal nutrition together with the advice we receive from the professors and associates at the Department of Nutrition of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade guarantee that you will get the desired results with our products.