Analytical values: crude protein 18,5%, crude fiber 15%, crude ash 14,5 %, crude fat 3%, omega 3 fatty acids 0,6%.

Composition: brewer’s yeast, powder cellulose, dried algae.


Additives (per kg):


Vitamins: Niacin 3a314 2.000 mg, Calcium d-pantothenate 3a841 1.000 mg, Vitamin B2 3a825i 1.000 mg, Vitamin B6/pyridoxin hydrochloride 3a831 400 mg, Folic acid 3a316 400 mg, Vitamin B1 3a820 300 mg, Biotin 3a880 50 mg, Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin 1 mg.

Trace elements*: zinc chelate of glycine hydrate 3b607 1.000 mg, zinc sulphate monohydrate 3b605 1.000 mg, manganous sulphate monohydrate 3b503 1.000 mg, copper II chelate of glycin hydrate 3b413 200 mg, selenised yeast inactivated 3b810 5 mg.

* quantity of active substance


Instruction for use: give cats and dogs 1 tablet up to 10 kg body weight per day.
Maximum daily quantities: cats and dogs 2 tablets up to 10 kg body weight per day.


  • Dermavet is used for allergic reactions to the skin, irritation due to the presence of parasites, inflammation of the skin. It is recommended twice a year for hair replacement and increased molting. In these situations, a therapeutic dose of Dermavet 2 tablets per 10 kilograms of body weight is given for 3 to 5 weeks and then continued with a regular, daily dose of 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of body weight.
  •  Use Dermavet in dog and cat preparation for the show season as well as throughout the season. For these purposes, we recommend a regular, daily dose of 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of body weight.
  •  Dermavet, because of its balanced composition, can be used for an indefinite period of time.


  • 100 tablets
  • 500 tablets


Skin health and the quality of the hair of dogs and cats is a very important part in the life of our pets. Many dog breeds have problems with fur and skin, since many of those animals do not originate from this climate, and, at the same time, the ingredients of their food may have not been a part of their diet. This problem has to be addressed in detail, given that the factors which affect the quality of hair and skin are manifold. The skin problems which are very common are allergic reactions, irritation due to parasites, and skin inflammation. The problems of pets’ coats are dry and brittle fur, dull coats, hair loss and a loss of pigmentation.

Dermavet is a product consisting of vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids and yeasts.

Each of these elements  improves the health of dog and cat fur. Biotin takes part in the synthesis of keratin (the basic ingredient for hair, skin and nails). Essential omega 3 fatty acids originating from dried sea algae affect stabilization and reduction of inflammatory processes. In addition to this, they also affect the quality and shine of the coat.

Brewer’s yeast is a source of vitamins and minerals which have a positive effect on the quality and health of the skin and coat.

B complex vitamins have a positive effect on the shine of the coat and, therefore they are included in Dermavet. Organic and inorganic zinc affects the health and regeneration of the skin as well as the quality of the coat. By using Dermavet, positive effects are noticeable in dogs and cats in the first few days. A preventive use of this product is recommended during the exhibition season, as well as during shedding in order to reduce its intensity.

The experience we have gained as top breeders, veterinarians and nutritionists who specialized in animal nutrition as well as the advice we receive from the professors and associates at the Department of Nutrition of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade guarantee that you will achieve the desired results with our products.