Complementary feed for dogs and cats – with Yucca schidigera – for nutritional support for dogs and cats – for control of digestive disturbances.

 Analytical values: crude fiber 22,1%, crude ash 19,3%, crude protein 3,4%, crude fat 0%.

Composition: powder cellulose, starch, brewer’s yeast, Yucca schidigera 3.3% silicon dioxide.

Dietary supplements per 1kg: zeolite (Clinoptiolite of sedimentary origin 1g 568) 160g.


The recommended daily dose is 1 tablet per 5 kilograms of dog/cat body weight twice a day, for 3 to 5 days.


  • 40 tablets

INTESTVET is a product intended to prevent and stop diarrhea in dogs and cats. It contributes to the establishment of normal intestinal absorption  and elimination of harmful substances from the digestive tract.
Carefully selected ingredients of INTESTVET are effective in stopping and curing diarrhea in dogs and cats.

ZEOLITE is a mineral with a lattice like structure, whose crystals contain microelements (Na, Ca, Mg..) as crucital elements for health and functioning of the organism. It binds positively charged toxin particles within its lattice-like structure and eliminates them from the body. It exhibits a high degree of absorption of ammonia and thus reduces its toxic effects. Thanks to its extraordinary ability to bind toxins from the body, Zeolite ranks among the best body detoxicants in nature. It also has antioxidant properties and acts as an immunity protector. During the detoxification process, Zeolite removes excess acid from the body and as such prevents development of numerous diseases. It is also useful as an antioxidant because it prevents negative action of free radicals on cells.

Yucca Schidigera is a herb rich in steroid saponins, which are natural cortisone precursors. It belongs to the group of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory agents and is considered to be one of the most commonly used herbs in the prevention and treatment of inflammation. Its use rapidly leads to relief of symptoms of inflammation, similar to steroid drugs, but without any side effects. The use of Yucca shidigera in the diet of dogs and cats leads to reduction of digestive tract inflammation, swelling and pain. This plant is rich in vitamins A, B complex, C as well as in minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and copper, which are responsible for its intestinal soothing effects. It reduces unpleasant odors from the large intestine in dogs and cats which is another important characteristic of Yucca Shidiger . Its use quickly establishes a positive environment in the large intestine for the development of frendly microflora.

The synergistic effect of Zeolite and Yucca Shidigera is reflected in the fact that Zeolite cleans the digestive tract of bacteria, viruses and endotoxins and eliminates them in unchanged form from the body, while Yucca Shidigera soothes the intestines, prevents irritation and inflammatory processes of the intestines and enables re-establishment of normal intestinal flora.

After using INTESTVET, we recommend use of PREBIOVET in combination with our product MULTIVETOM for daily support of the immune response and promotion of the development of positive microflora.