Contract of our company Dr Vet Group

with University of Veterinary medicine in Belgrade


DR VET Group


on professional partnership

Paragraph 1

This contract is agreed between Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade (in further line: FACULTY) and Company ”Dr VET Group” from Belgrade (in further line: Company) about professional partnership on solving problems of usage and producing  of industrial produced dog and cat food.

Paragraph 2

Faculty realizes cooperation with relaibale services of the Company through the Department of Nutrition and Botany and Prof. Dr. Dragan Safer.

Paragraph 3

The subject of this contract is comprehend through the obligations of the Faculty as follows:

  1. to make through the professional partnership chemical anlalysis of vitamin and mineral premixes for cat and dog food in accordance with Serbian legislations.
  2. to test the products of the Company in cooperation with the experts
  3. to transfer scientific achievments in field of nutrition to the experts of the Company and to participate in improvement of the vitamin and mineral premixes for cat and food production.
  4. to control, annualy, the quality of the Company’s products in accordance with the existing Rule books about cat and dog food quality and the decleration, which  will highlight on the same declaration.
  5. to participate in claryfiying animal health disorders incurred as a result of the Company’s products usage,but firstly on claryfiyng mathabolic disorders, and
  6. to participate in other sectors of dog and cat’s food production and in eventual resluting problemsproblems.

Pharagraph 4.

Company is through this contract obliged to the following:

  1. to enable experts of the Company to participate, with the experts from the Faculty, in execution of the taskts from the Paragraph 4 of this Contract. and
  2. to enable implementation of recommendations of Faculty experts and the conclusions drawn of the Faculty and Company experts.

Paragraph 5.

The Faculty will make chemical  analysis of vitamin and mineral premixes for cat and dog food in accordance with Serbian legislation at least for four times per year for each product wich Company will pay in accordance with  currently valid prices minimised for 20%

Paragraph 7.

Cooperation by this contract takes place from 01.01.2019. until 31.12.2019.

Paragraph 8.

In the of litigation both contracters recognize jurisdiction  of the ordinary court.

Paragraph 9.

The contract is made in six same examples and each contractor has three copies.

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